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Faileasan (Reflections)

Faileasan (Reflections) is the stunning new release by contemporary Gaelic songstress, Joy Dunlop. The follow up to her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Dùsgadh.’(Awakening); Faileasan is the mesmerising product of Joy’s personal quest to explore and showcase the unique beauty and intricate depths of the local Gaelic song tradition she inherited growing up in rural Argyll.



Fiere is a collection of songs exploring the lives, loves and experiences of women in Scotland. Using poems by female Scottish writers, Twelfth Day and Joy Dunlop have collaborated to create fresh and innovative songs in English, Gaelic and Scots; showcasing the creative output of Scottish women.


Dùsgadh (Awakening)

Dùsgadh (Awakening) is the debut release by Joy Dunlop. Featuring an eclectic array of musicians and drawing on a wide range of influences, the unique blend of pure, haunting vocals & luscious musical arrangements results in an exciting new album that explores and exhibits the rich Gaelic song tradition.


Deich Bliadhna – Ten Years of Còisir Ceann an Tuirc

Coisir Ceann an Tuirc are a prizewinning male voice Gaelic choir from Argyll, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. Recorded live in various venues throughout Argyll; the album is a 14 track affair featuring 10 choral tracks, 3 solo performances from our Mòd silver pendant winners (Iain MacPherson, Colin Fisher and Neil MacDonald) and a song from Mòd Gold Medalist, Joy Dunlop.

Taynuilt Gaelic Choir

Fo Sgàil Beinn Chruachain – Taynuilt Gaelic Choir

A wonderfully varied programme of songs and tunes showcases the choir’s versatility on their first ever cd. Solos, duets and the full choir perform traditional and more recent songs including a Runrig track given a very different feel. Locally known as ‘A’ Chòisir Bheag Thoilichte’ (The Happy Wee Choir) they compete at the annual Royal National Mod and at various provincial mods throughout the year. Above all though, they sing for the sheer enjoyment and what better reason for singing could there be?

Atomic Piseag

Piseag Gu Leòr- Atomic Piseag

The long awaited debut cd from the bubbly and vivacious Atomic Piseag. A collection of choir tracks, duets and solos from the multi-prize winning Argyll ladies’ choir that includes beautiful traditional Gaelic songs and several new arrangements of more contemporary compositions. This CD not only exhibits the depth of talent contained within the choir but above all, how much they love to sing and perform together.