Joy Dunlop
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A rising star in the Scottish media, Joy is a frequent presenter and panelist on a wide range of music, current affairs and light entertainment programmes. With her trademark poise and depth of knowledge, Joy’s warmth and enthusiasm have made her increasing in-demand in television and radio broadcasts alike. Audiences are familiar with her work performing in and presenting music programmes, in addition to appearing as a featured speaker and debater on BBC ALBA, STV and BBC 2. Past projects include:

  • A gu U: An Cuala Tu (BBC ALBA)
  • Air an Rathad (BBC ALBA)
  • An Là (BBC ALBA)
  • Ar n-Aran Làitheil (BBC 2) [which she presented]
  • Bainnsean (BBC ALBA) [which she presented]
  • Barail Bhoireannach (STV)
  • Bheir dhomh am fonn (BBC ALBA)
  • Bliadhna Mhath Ùr (BBC ALBA)
  • Còisir Shoisgeulach (BBC ALBA)
  • Craic (BBC ALBA)
  • Cunntas (BBC 2)
  • Festival Bound (Equator HD)
  • Gleusta (BBC ALBA)
  • Guthan nan Gàidheal (STV)
  • Horo Gheallaidh (BBC ALBA)
  • Leadaidh ‘s Bracaist (BBC ALBA)
  • Na Piseagan (BBC 2)
  • Nollaig chridheil às a' Ghearasdan (BBC ALBA)
  • PC Alasdair Stiùbhart (BBC 2)
  • Seirm (BBC ALBA)
  • Songs of Praise (BBC1)
  • Sorcha nan Reul (STV)
  • The Hour  (STV)
  • Tìr ar n-Òran  (BBC ALBA)
  • Trusadh - Am Bonn Òir (BBC ALBA)

She is also a frequent collaborator on Radio nan Gàidheal broadcasts and presented her own series entitled, ‘Ceòl ‘s Craic’ (Music and Fun) for independent radio stations. Joy often works as a bilingual voice over artist on a range of media projects, including promotional DVDs for An Comunn Gàidhealach and pre-school educational DVDs for LTS Scotland.


As an accomplished and award-winning journalist Joy has contributed to numerous publications including An Gàidheal Ùr, Fios, MacTalla, Cothrom and The Oban Times. A regular contributor to The Scotsman and popular freelance translator, she received awards for her writing from both the Scottish Press Awards and Highlands and Islands Media Awards.

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